A great deal of people all around the world get Turkish Citizenship by real estate investment. Making an investment by purchasing property with at least 250,000 USD makes foreigners eligible to apply for permanent Turkish Citizenship.

Real estate investment can be either made on residential properties or commercial properties like land or field, but the legal compliance of property should be ensured. Properties, located in forbidden military zones and properties having debts, mortgage, injunction or usufruct cannot be bought by foreigners. It can also be more than one property, but the total investment has to be minimum 250,000 USD and investors are not allowed to sell the property for 3 years.

Investors can rent out the property if they don’t live in Turkey. Also, they can make a profit, when they decide to sell the property after 3 years. Investors do not have to come to Turkey or do not have to reside in Turkey during the citizenship application process. Moreover, there is no minimum residence requirement for application.

Our roles in the Turkish Citizenship process consist of welcoming the investor, assisting in getting the PoA at notary, opening a bank account, finding and buying legally suitable property, acquiring the ‘Certificate of Conformity’. Moreover, our service covers the residency permit and application for the Turkish Citizenship. Eventually, the process is finalized when the approval decision confirmed by the Turkish Presidency.

The citizenship application results in 90 days. Working with an experienced team both increases the chance of obtaining Turkish Passport and reduces your workload during the process.

Our services can cover all process according to investor’s needs, including obtaining Tax ID, Bank Account, finding and buying legally suitable property with high profit potential and rent guarantee, preparing required documents, and providing transparent process in every step of the application.

This regulation will be valid for a short time. You’d better be in a hurry to take advantage of being Turkish citizen.

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