How to Get Turkish Citizenship

How to Get Turkish Citizenship

Citizenship application process is not only complicated but also a long process. All documents have to be prepared according to regulations of Turkish government carefully. There is no guarantee to get citizenship after making required investment. But a properly prepared application is not rejected. Having experience is the key to successful application. Our team has already finished citizenship applications for many investors from various countries.

  • The first step is to decide the type of investment. Investment can be in a real estate, fixed-asset investment, government bonds, deposit in Turkish Bank or owning a firm having at least 50 employees.
Type of Investment Requirements (Minimum) USD* Holding Time Application Completion Time
Property Investment 250.000 3 years Up to 90 days
Fixed-Asset Investment 500.000 3 years
Government Bonds 500.000 3 years
Deposit to Turkish Banks 500.000 3 years
Private Sector Firm Hiring 50 employees

*Or equivalent TRY or foreign currency

  • The second step is preparing required documents. While some documents are valid for all types of investments, some documents are required for only certain investments. Certificate of conformity, bank receipts and applicant’s personal documents are required for all investments, but land registry documents are only compulsory for property investments. The most common reason of why an application is rejected, is not preparing the documents properly. Preparing required documents is complex and needs a great deal of experience.
  • The third step is to apply to Turkish government institutions. To get citizenship, foreigners have to acquire a residence permit. Residence permit is compulsory for citizenship process. If an application for a residence permit is done correctly, the process quickly results in weeks. Then, the citizenship application can be done. It takes time to make some security investigations. If investigations are not resulted with security concerns, then Presidency of the Republic of Turkey approves the citizenship. The whole process takes up to 90 days.

Our services can cover all process according to the investor’s needs, including preparing required documents and providing assistance in every step for the application. This regulation will be valid for a short time. You’d better be in a hurry to take advantage of being a Turkish citizen.

Our experienced team is very eager to work for you through residence and citizenship process. For detailed information you can contact us.

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