Brief Information About Turkey

Republic of Turkey is a country located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The three sides of the country are surrounded by the Mediterranean, the Black Sea. Its neighbors are Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Nakhichevan (Azerbaijan), TRNC, Iran, Iraq and Syria.

Turkey is one of the developing countries of the world with a fast GDP growth of 743 Billion USD and $9,647 GDP per capita in 20191. With a stable growth rate around 5%, Turkey is the 12th largest economy and compared to the European Union, Turkey is the 5th biggest economy2.

Turkey has a unique location where Europe, Middle East and Central Asia intersect. As a result of its natural location Turkey can be considered as east-west energy corridor. More than half of the world’s trade takes place within a four-hour flight radius of Turkey – a key reason why multinational companies have chosen Turkey as a strategic regional hub for their operations. It is possible to reach more than 1,5 billion of consumers for Turkish citizens in the region. Turkey reached the number of 51,7 million foreign tourists in 2019 and 209 million airline passengers were served by the airports in Turkey1.

With 82 million population and median age of 30, which is the most crowded young population compared to the EU, half of the Turkish population is under the age of 311. There are 203 universities in Turkey and more than 32 million young and educated workforce.

Turkey showed high foreign investment appeal, in 2019, 12,389 Billion USD foreign direct investments obtained and the total investment between 2002-2019 was 157,9 Billion USD3.

Turkish passport provides visa-free travel to 116 countries (including Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other major countries in Asia and South America). Also, it is easy to acquire visas with Turkish passport from United States of America, United Kingdom and European Union countries.

Turkey is a democratic and reliable country which ensures free health care and free education system. Infrastructure, transportation, energy and telecommunication sectors are continuously evolving. Beyond, Turkish government supports investments with low interest rates and tax incentives.

Lastly, Turkey has various agreements on tariffs and trade which help Turkish investors and traders. For example, current Customs Union agreement with the EU since 1996, free-trade agreements with 21 countries and ongoing negotiations of EU participation3.

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(From TUIK, Turkish Statistical Institute)

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How to Get Turkish Citizenship

Citizenship application process is not only complicated but also a long process. All documents have to be prepared according to regulations of Turkish government carefully. There is no guarantee to get citizenship after making required investment. But a properly prepared application is not rejected. Having experience is the key to successful application. Our team has already finished citizenship applications for many investors from various countries.

  • The first step is to decide the type of investment. Investment can be in a real estate, fixed-asset investment, government bonds, deposit in Turkish Bank or owning a firm having at least 50 employees.
Type of Investment Requirements (Minimum) USD* Holding Time Application Completion Time
Property Investment 250.000 3 years Up to 90 days
Fixed-Asset Investment 500.000 3 years
Government Bonds 500.000 3 years
Deposit to Turkish Banks 500.000 3 years
Private Sector Firm Hiring 50 employees

*Or equivalent TRY or foreign currency

  • The second step is preparing required documents. While some documents are valid for all types of investments, some documents are required for only certain investments. Certificate of conformity, bank receipts and applicant’s personal documents are required for all investments, but land registry documents are only compulsory for property investments. The most common reason of why an application is rejected, is not preparing the documents properly. Preparing required documents is complex and needs a great deal of experience.
  • The third step is to apply to Turkish government institutions. To get citizenship, foreigners have to acquire a residence permit. Residence permit is compulsory for citizenship process. If an application for a residence permit is done correctly, the process quickly results in weeks. Then, the citizenship application can be done. It takes time to make some security investigations. If investigations are not resulted with security concerns, then Presidency of the Republic of Turkey approves the citizenship. The whole process takes up to 90 days.

Our services can cover all process according to the investor’s needs, including preparing required documents and providing assistance in every step for the application. This regulation will be valid for a short time. You’d better be in a hurry to take advantage of being a Turkish citizen.

Our experienced team is very eager to work for you through residence and citizenship process. For detailed information you can contact us.

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‘How to get citizenship in Turkey?’ is one of the most frequently asked question for foreigners, interested in Turkish Citizenship. Becoming a Turkish Citizen has become very popular by 2019. At the end of 2018 Turkish Government has changed Turkish Citizenship Law, numbered 5901, by decreasing investment amounts. Thousands of foreign investors and individuals gained the rights of Turkish citizenship.

As a fast-developing economy with more than yearly 5% and its 82 million population, Turkish citizenship offers wonderful business opportunities. Its convenient climate, famous cuisine, high quality education institutions and leisure opportunities, attract many foreigners by citizenship through investment.

There are various types of citizenship acquisition through investment.

In order to Turkish Citizenship Law, foreigners can get a Turkish Citizenship by;

  • Purchasinga real estate at least 250,000 US Dollars or equivalent foreign currency, (certified by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization)
  • Making fixed capital investment at least 500,000 US Dollars or equivalent foreign currency, (certified by the Ministry of Industry and Technology)
  • Employing at least 50 employees, (certified by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services)
  • Investing at least 500,000 US dollars or its equivalent in foreign currency and making commitment to hold the amount of deposits for three years, (certified by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency)
  • Purchasing public debt instruments at least 500,000 US Dollars or equivalent foreign currency and making commitment to hold these instruments for three years, (certified by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance)
  • Purchasing a real estate investment fund participation share or venture capital investment fund participation amount of at least 500,000 US Dollars or equivalent foreign currency and making commitment to hold for three years, (certified by the Capital Market Board)
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In order to get Turkish Citizenship by investment, there is no obligation to visit Turkey. Residence is not required, but all documents have to be prepared according to Turkish government regulations very carefully. Having experience is the key to a successful application, if investors do not come to Turkey. With investor’s Power of Attorney (PoA), our experienced lawyers can cover all process from the beginning to the end.

The first step of our services is obtaining a Tax ID number, then opening a bank account with PoA. Investor will handle all money transfer and transactions by Internet Banking. The money issues are secure. Nobody can make money transfer and transactions, except investor. Then, legally suitable properties have to be found and bought. We provide the service of finding and buying properties with high profit potential and rent guarantee for three years. Our service covers consultancy of safe payment method for the property, developed by the Turkish government.

The second step is preparing the documents properly and acquiring the ‘Certificate of Conformity’ from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Our lawyers collect required documents from the bank and other government institutions and get the certificate of conformity for citizenship application on behalf of investors.

The third step is applying for the citizenship. Once our lawyers apply for the Turkish Citizenship for investor. Required documents are prepared. Then, application is made to Bureau of Immigration Authority to get residence permit. After that documents are sent to General Directorate of Population and Citizenship, where required security inspection is made. Eventually, when the approval decision is made by the Turkish Presidency, the Turkish Citizenship and Turkish Passport can be acquired. There is no guarantee of getting Turkish Citizenship. But our success rate is 100%, we have completed all our clients’ applications successfully.

Our experienced team is very eager to work for you through residence and citizenship process. For detailed information you can contact us.

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A great deal of people all around the world get Turkish Citizenship by real estate investment. Making an investment by purchasing property with at least 250,000 USD makes foreigners eligible to apply for permanent Turkish Citizenship.

Real estate investment can be either made on residential properties or commercial properties like land or field, but the legal compliance of property should be ensured. Properties, located in forbidden military zones and properties having debts, mortgage, injunction or usufruct cannot be bought by foreigners. It can also be more than one property, but the total investment has to be minimum 250,000 USD and investors are not allowed to sell the property for 3 years.

Investors can rent out the property if they don’t live in Turkey. Also, they can make a profit, when they decide to sell the property after 3 years. Investors do not have to come to Turkey or do not have to reside in Turkey during the citizenship application process. Moreover, there is no minimum residence requirement for application.

Our roles in the Turkish Citizenship process consist of welcoming the investor, assisting in getting the PoA at notary, opening a bank account, finding and buying legally suitable property, acquiring the ‘Certificate of Conformity’. Moreover, our service covers the residency permit and application for the Turkish Citizenship. Eventually, the process is finalized when the approval decision confirmed by the Turkish Presidency.

The citizenship application results in 90 days. Working with an experienced team both increases the chance of obtaining Turkish Passport and reduces your workload during the process.

Our services can cover all process according to investor’s needs, including obtaining Tax ID, Bank Account, finding and buying legally suitable property with high profit potential and rent guarantee, preparing required documents, and providing transparent process in every step of the application.

This regulation will be valid for a short time. You’d better be in a hurry to take advantage of being Turkish citizen.

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